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function collide.

The possibilities are endless as InnerSpace takes your inspiration and manufactures pieces that are perfectly tailored to your needs and creativity. With awareness of both obtaining functionality in the design and upholding your concept, InnerSpace always delivers the perfect (custom) solution.

Custom solutions for every need.

InnerSpace provides a one-stop solution for interior finishes, combining timeless techniques with cutting-edge technology and materials. We design and supply a wide range of custom products. We manufacture all solid wood, laminate, and solid surface products internally and work with a dedicated group of suppliers and subcontractors to integrate materials such as stone, glass, metal, upholstery, and other specialty products.

Create a space that is inviting and engaging for any commercial use with our custom millworks-designs. Working with us gives you the power to create the kind of environment that suits your needs and enhances your brand.

InnerSpace brings life to your personal haven with our custom-designed and built finishes. From countertops to furniture and more, we elevate luxury to the most stylish standards, while infusing warmth into every residence.

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InnerSpace wants to bring your ideas to life. Fusing inspiration with the expert guidance of our team will create something that brings your distinctive character to any space. Contact us today so we can begin creating.

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