Timeless, high-quality furnishings to elevate your space.

Luxury lies in the details. With InnerSpace’s custom-designed finishes and furnishings, crafted with superior materials, you are guaranteed an exclusive piece that enhances your commercial or corporate setting.

Strategic solutions to improve your bottom line.

Working with a master millwork craftsman gives you a tool to stand out. With our focus on providing each client with a positive and enriching experience, InnerSpace uses state of the art technology and experienced skillsets to deliver the custom elements your space needs. From designing, budgeting, fabricating, to delivery and assembly, InnerSpace provides the complete spectrum of services that streamlines the process, and leaves you with a finished product that adds value to your business.

Hi-tech materials for long-lasting projects.

Technology, innovative installation techniques, and latest-generation materials come together to produce excellent, long-lasting projects for clients in a variety of industries:

  • Retail Clients
  • Industrial Projects
  • Restaurants
  • High-end Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Education and Institutional
  • Offices and Corporate Spaces


We partner our engineering team and expert custom craftsmen with commercial construction teams to produce any custom structures your project requires (reception desks, ceiling elements, decorative pieces, etc.).

Architectural Wall

We design and build wall panels to your specifications with the ability to produce the finest high-end finishes. Let our team of experts create spaces that are timeless, stylish, and on-brand to enhance your clients’ experience.


We can provide an array of professional retail displays produced with consistency and durability to meet the needs of our retail clients. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to the individual needs of your business, and to the wants and needs of your customers.

Custom Doors
and Windows

Through our custom fabrication capabilities or our select network of partners, we can provide windows, doors, and architectural solutions that are stylish, sensible, and secure to meet your visibility, access, and space planning needs.

and Work Areas

We build commercial countertops to your dimensions and specifications, with your brand specs, and with long-term use in mind. We produce laminates and solid surfaces in-house, as well as other engineered materials, and manage and install stone and metal to create the perfect look.

Display Areas
and Showcases

Trust our team of design and construction experts to create effective custom display areas to bring out value, ensure safety and maximize comfort for your staff and customers. Enjoy security, durability, and visibility in your lobby, storefront, or exhibit area.

Your partners in design.

With a variety of skilled designers and craftsmen, our team brings elements that can enrich a variety of businesses. From the perfect custom commercial storage unit built to last, to the most sophisticated counter at an upscale retail store, we serve each and every one of our commercial clients with pride.