Make your space uniquely yours.

Being unique is irreplaceable. No one has your same cooking tools, no one else has your unique shoe collection, and no one else obsesses over being organized as you do in your home. Create your own style with our custom-designed and custom-made furnishings and finishings. With attention to detail, each of our completed works will provide you with your own piece of art that makes you stand apart.

High-quality, custom fabrication.

With high standards and well-thought-out quality control procedures, our fabricators meet the challenge of our customer expectations. From architectural drawings and specifications to skilled craftsmen, we make sure to customize each piece to the caliber of our clients and our vision. InnerSpace selects only the most advanced and resilient materials for each of our endeavors. Understanding the singular needs of each client guides us to make the top selections that will guarantee a well-built and enduring piece of work.

Luxury Custom

Kitchens are a central hub in any home. The art of making this space beautiful and appealing while also functional is what InnerSpace thrives on. Custom-designed millworks will match the individual needs of a family with their own unique style that results in an inviting yet elegant kitchen.

Closets, Storage,
and Custom Cabinets

You don’t have to sacrifice style to have storage and organization. InnerSpace custom-built closets, storage space, or cabinets can navigate you through the process of maximizing the use of your space while accommodating your individual requests.


Our intricate cuts and beautiful designs bring a depth of architectural allure to each of our custom-made pieces. Using an array of design practices and techniques, our experienced team goes beyond the typical millwork product to create art.

Meeting your every need.

With a variety of skilled designers and craftsmen, our team brings elements that can enrich a variety of homes in any taste. From the perfect accent wall to customized storage solutions, we serve each client with the distinction they deserve and treat each home as if it were our own.